What is a Safe Cell Phone Distance from a Baby?

What is a Safe Cell Phone Distance from a Baby

We all care for our children’s safety. Yet, could our friendly companion, the smartphone, affect their health? And if it is, what is a safe distance between our children and our electronics?

A peer-reviewed study by IOP science has demonstrated that EMR (Electromagnetic Radiations) is significantly more likely to be absorbed by the brain of children at close proximity. Besides, it has been recommended by major cell phone guidelines to keep all smartphones at a distance of at least 0.2 inches from the head of babies.

So if you want to dive deeper into the science of how EMF affects babies and how to keep them safe, read on!

Cell Phone Radiations And The Human Body

Health and technology have intersected in a way that has never been seen before. With the recent exponential rise in the usage of wireless phones, as well as lengthy periods of use of these devices near the human body, public awareness about possible health risks related to electromagnetic energy absorption has increased.

To answer these concerns, a study has been conducted using ANSYS 3D human body model to calculate the overall Specific Absorption Rate in various human tissues by adjusting the source-to-antenna distance and radiated strength.

To quantify the long-term exposure impact and temperature increase, the Pennes bioheat transport equation was solved analytically.

The findings demonstrate that regardless of frequency if the antenna radiated power is poor (less than 125 mW), the temperature rise inside the human tissues is low; but, if the antenna works at high radiated power (1 W), the temperature rises eight and a half fold.

What this means for us, is that there is no immediate danger around cell phones but we need to be careful since as new models come in we want faster internet and faster speed and this means that data needs to be communicated fast to our cell phone.

As phone models advance, we are more and more likely to experience unexpected health issues if we do not protect ourselves.

What Is A Safe Cell Phone Distance For A Baby

The real healthy distance to hold from a mobile phone is a trickier query to address. However, the advice of the suppliers is a reasonable place to proceed.

Apple, for example, proposes a minimum gap of 0.2 inches from the iPhone 7. The Google Pixel has a screen size of 0.4 inches, while the Samsung Galaxy has a screen size of 0.6 inches.

These are most likely the distances used as mobile phones were measured with a dummy to assess their SAR maximum.

When using a mobile phone, though, nearly everyone puts it up to their heads. Furthermore, these restrictions only extend to adults, who are less susceptible to EMF radiation than infants.

Are Children More Vulnerable Than Adults Against Cell Phone Radiation

According to the 2014 study, children consume more MWR than adults. Pregnant women should stop exposing their unborn children to MWR.

Wireless gadgets and other kinds of radio transmitters may also be prohibited in toys. The review also discovered that general knowledge of government alerts on EMF-emitting instruments is still limited.

Despite the reality that these alerts have been in effect for many years. Furthermore, owing to their inadequacy, the study proposed that existing exposure levels be changed. The most important reason for children’s heightened exposure to EMF is that their brains are smaller. Thinner skulls are less good at radiation absorption.

Furthermore, according to a 2008 report released in Physics in Medicine & Biology, babies’ brains consume radiation at a higher pace than adult brains.

According to the findings of the report, the brain tissue of babies absorbs radiation at up to twice the intensity of adult brains. Furthermore, this research discovered that the marrow in babies’ skulls is up to ten times more absorbent than that in adult skulls.

A 2010 research released in the same journal found that a baby’s cerebellum receives RF radiation 2.5 times quicker than that of adults.

Rapid cellular proliferation, differentiation, and migration characterize prenatal growth. Exposure of radiation during this time span is also a major issue for public health experts.

The health impacts of mobile phones and other non-ionizing radiation influences on fetuses were explored in a 2011 report reported in the Encyclopedia of Environmental Health.

It was discovered that an embryo is more susceptible to this exposure, rendering it more vulnerable to radiation-induced developmental pathologies.

The implication of all of this study is that babies aren’t just little copies of adults. Their bodies are made of various materials and have different shapes, making them more susceptible to radiation than adults.

How To Reduce Your Baby’s Exposure To Cell Phone Radiation


As mentioned earlier, the further the distance from the source of the radiation itself, the safer your babies are. Most radiations will lose effects beyond 2 feet of your baby. Therefore always keep track of your whereabouts while walking around your baby with a cell phone on.

Do not leave cell phones inside your kid’s room overnight

By removing access to any smartphone or electronic device in your baby’s room you are creating permanent distance. EMF will struggle to travel through the walls of your house and this will allow your baby to have utmost protection during his/her sleep.

Put your phone on aeroplane mode when not in use

Putting your phone on aeroplane mode is fundamental. it prevents your phone from receiving and transmitting information through radio waves. It will provide basic protection to your baby against harmful EMF radiations

Supplement your good habits with EMF protection gear

Several innovative companies are supplying the market with EMF blockers, namely DefenderShield. They designed technologically advanced EMF shields specialized for children and babies to minimize their exposure to EMF radiation. From blankets to tablet cases, the products come with a 99% EMF blocking guarantee. Blankets and beanies are ideal EMF products to protect your baby from persistent EMF waves.