Is Bluetooth Radiation As Dangerous As Mobile Radiation

Is Bluetooth Radiation As Dangerous As Mobile Radiation
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Invented between 1994 and 1997, WiFi and Bluetooth have not been thoroughly explored like their close relative, electromagnetic fields (EMF). While Bluetooth is believed to be safe, several emerging preliminary studies suggest otherwise.

Bluetooth emits lower intensity radiation compared to EMF radiation. However, the close proximity of Bluetooth devices has been a tremendous source of concern among researchers.

Judging from the numerous harmful effects of EMF radiation on our health, scientists are suggesting that there is a positive relation between Bluetooth and EMF. Yet, no conclusive answer can be obtained yet.

Keep reading for an in-depth analysis of Bluetooth vs Mobile radiation and tips to protect yourself from those harmful rays.

Bluetooth Radiation vs Mobile Radiation

Both Bluetooth devices and mobile phones emit EMF radiation. Several research studies have linked the potential harm of EMF on our health during prolonged exposure.

Yet, the main difference between Bluetooth radiation and Mobile radiation is the range of their wavelengths. According to a study from Atamate, they found that Bluetooth wavelengths range from 2.4 GHz to 2.8 GHz.

In contrast, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers stated that mobile radiation has a range of 3GHz to 300 GHz.

The difference in wavelengths explains why mobile phones can pick up signals from antennas and satellites while Bluetooth devices and only transmit data to nearby devices.

Despite Bluetooth’s lower emission, in 2015, more than 240 scientists from 42 countries have signed an appeal to the World Health Organization to adopt stricter regulations on Bluetooth devices.

Researchers believed that exposure to EMF from wireless devices increases the risk of developing health conditions such as cancer, neurological disorders, and genetic damages. 

Stopping Bluetooth Radiation

Fortunately, several companies have seen the importance and the demand for EMF blockers among the public. Brands like Defendershield provide several EMF blocking devices along with apparels to ensure complete protection from Bluetooth and Mobile radiation.

From their list, you will find phone cases, laptop cases, bed apparels, and even activewear for guaranteed 24/7 protection.

All products were designed with advanced technology approaches to ensure that EMF blockers shield you from up to 99% of EMF radiation.

Targeted for both children and adults, there are several air-tube earphones that may be used to replace your Bluetooth headphones.

As the name suggests, these earphones have air-tube technology that refracts sound waves to your ears instead of using an electrical wire. The aim of this technology is to increase the distance from the source of EMF radiation to your ears and brain.

Bluetooth And Its Function

Nils Rydbeck, Sven Mattison, and Tord Wingren of Ericsson mobile conceptualized and invented Bluetooth technology. In essence, Bluetooth is a type of wireless technology that transmits data rapidly over short distances.

The technology uses radio waves with short wavelengths ranging from 2.4 GHz to 2.48 GHz. Bluetooth uses small packets and up to 800 hops per second to transmit data.

It is worth noting that Bluetooth devices are classified into three classes. The lower the class, the more powerful the device is. Therefore, a low class is a category that emits more EMF radiation.

Class 1

These are some of the most powerful Bluetooth devices available, with a range of approximately 300 feet. This class of devices has a maximum power output of approximately 100 mW.

The high power output means that the Bluetooth device can take advantage of the machine’s processing power in order to provide faster data transmission over longer distances.

Class 2

Most Bluetooth devices are found in Class 2, including mobile phones, keyboards, headsets, and mouses. Devices from this class transmit data over 20-30 feet with a small power output of 2.5 mW.

Class 3

Class 3 contains the weakest category of Bluetooth devices with a transmission of data over only 10-20 feet. With their small power output of 1mW, the devices are not typically used for daily activities.

Is Bluetooth Radiation Harmful?

While the Federal Communications Commission and the FDA assured that Bluetooth radiation is ‘safe’, several emerging studies have proved the contrary.

According to the Reproductive Research from Cleaveland Clinic, men may experience a decrease in fertility due to long exposure to Bluetooth radiation.

Researchers observed a low sperm count among men who keep their phones in their pockets whilst connected to a Bluetooth device.

The study also suggested that the close proximity to EMF radiation may cause damage to cell DNA. Moreover, the World Health Organization (WHO) has released a document that classifies EMF radiation as Group 2B.

The document stated that EMF radiation, including Bluetooth radiation, are potential carcinogens. Their study showed that prolonged and frequent use of devices may increase the risk for brain cancers such as glioma.

Alongside, the WHO acknowledged that some individuals may suffer from EHS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity). Headaches and nausea are among the most common symptoms of EHS.

Anecdotal reports from people with EHS stated that close proximity to Bluetooth devices would enhance the symptoms.

However, The Laryngoscope Journal published a study in 2014, suggesting that only mobile phones were linked to damage to the auditory. Therefore, researchers and authoritative figures are faced with contradicting studies, with no concrete answer for now.

Other Tips To Minimize Bluetooth Radiation Exposure

The main objective of those tips is to increase the distance between you and the source of EMF radiation. According to various studies, the body absorbs less EMF radiation with increasing distance.

Using An EMF Meter

Since we are constantly using electrical devices, it is important to know which device emits the highest levels of EMF. A high-quality EMF meter would quickly detect which device you need to protect yourself from the most. Find our article on the best emf meters here.

The FCC stated that radiations ranging from 30 to 300 MHz are safe for the whole body of an adult.

Using Auxiliary Cables and USB Charger In Car

Instead of using Bluetooth stereo in your car, it is advised to use an auxiliary cable to reduce EMF radiation. While the sound quality remains the same, you will be less exposed to radiation.

Moreover, some stereos have a USB port that you can use to connect your phone to. These are small yet efficient actions that help to minimize radiation in the long run.

Occasional use of GPS

Since GPS is also known to emit Bluetooth radiation, you can reduce the use of GPS by having a good idea of where you are going. Only use GPS in case of emergencies or when visiting unknown places.