Does Nintendo Switch Give Off EMF Radiation – And Protection

Does a Nintendo Switch Give Off EMF Radiation

Video games have always been a thing of a novelty since the time of their inception. People irrespective of age love playing video games and are deeply invested in the gameplay.

You can get a true sense of just how big the demand for these games is by the revenue that the gaming market generates. Each new game is awaited with bated breath and gaming companies make bank in the tune of millions of dollars from releasing games.

And what’s not to like about video games? They provide an immersive experience with rich storytelling that allows the player to really live in that fantasy world for a bit.

However, the health risks of gaming must also not be overlooked. These gaming consoles have been found to produce excessive amounts of EMF radiation and we must be careful to protect against it at all times.

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Does a Nintendo Switch give off EMF radiation?

Absolutely! There is no gaming console available in the market right now that doesn’t. Unfortunately, these consoles are built in a way that there is no way for them to operate without giving off radiation.

Sure there are ways to reduce the quantum of radiation (and we will take a look at some of the ways below), but that’s the best we can do.

The Nintendo Switch gives off three distinct radiations namely EMF, RF, and microwave radiation. We will look at each one, how they’re generated, and how they affect us in the sections below.

EMF and the Nintendo Switch

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of radiation and how it affects our bodies, it is imperative to understand that players would be exposed to some amount of EMF no matter what when they are playing on this console.

This is because electronic gadgets generate EMF every minute that they run and there is just no recourse that you can take to avoid that.

However, it is also to be noted that these radiations are mostly very weak and do not have enough energy to cause any harm.

That being said, if you were exposed regularly then these radiations build up in your body and can create problems down the line.

That apart, there are other radiations that we should be really worried about. The most dangerous of them all is the RF radiations that are emitted by the console.

RF stands for radio frequency and it is basically the radiation which the console uses to both connect to the internet and sync with the Joy-Cons when they’re disconnected from the console.

These radiations are high energy and can easily penetrate physical objects like walls.

In addition to that, the Nintendo Switch also emits microwave radiation. Microwave radiations are similar to RF radiations, only shorter in wavelength.

They are decisively more harmful than your typical RF radiation and continuous exposure to it can cause significant damage to one’s health.

Microwave radiations are constantly emitted from the console box from the moment it is turned on and in an ununiformed manner so the level of radiation varies with time.

They are difficult to detect on EMF meters due to their level variation and are often observed to jump between frequencies and strength.

What causes the exposure in Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch has three main components that regularly emit radiation. We must safeguard against each in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the risks of radiation exposure. The three main components are:

  • The Joy-Con controllers: The wireless radiation from Joy-Con controllers when they are disconnected from the console are the biggest culprit in terms of radiation emission. They produce levels of RF radiation which they use to wirelessly communicate. All gameplay moves are relayed back and forth over the air from the Joy-Cons to the console in real-time. Thus you can imagine the level of radiation that would be required to facilitate such a complex operation. When you are playing with the Joy-Cons, you are also exposing yourself to that radiation which has severe health risks associated with it.
  • Wi-Fi connection: The Nintendo Switch connects to the internet via Wi-Fi and that too is enabled by high energy RF radiations. Some games are online-only – meaning you can only play them online – and if you choose to play any of those games, you are subjecting yourself to a whole bunch of needless radiation caused by the Wi-Fi connection.
  • EMF from the AC power adapter: A lot of people tend to play games while the consoles are connected to the AC power adapter. This is something you should never do since then you run the risk of exposing yourself to EMF radiation from it. The gameplay is quite resource intensive for the console and when it’s connected to the AC power adapter, it also draws more power. This means the power adapter creates more EMF and since you are so close to the radiation, it can inversely affect your health and overall wellbeing.

How to reduce EMF exposure on the Nintendo Switch?

There is no real way of completely eliminating radiation from interacting with your body but there are some really good strategies that you can adopt to minimize those effects to the lowest.

In this section, we will take a look at some of the ways we can reduce radiation exposure from the Nintendo Switch console.

  • Keep the Joy-Cons connected on handheld devices: Disconnecting the Joy-Cons automatically switches it to wireless mode wherein both the controllers and the console start communicating through radiation. To avoid radiation, it is best to keep the controllers connected to the console. That way no radiation is emitted from the controllers and you automatically cut down emission levels in half.
  • Use a USB C hub with power delivery, Ethernet, USB, and HDMI: Invest in a good USB C hub that supports and has ports for power delivery, Ethernet, USB, and HDMI. This is important because just having this you can interface your console with almost everything at no expense of radiation. The power delivery allows for the charging of the console while playing, the Ethernet port allows for hardwired Ethernet connection to be delivered to the console, the USB ports enable you to connect additional Nintendo Switch Pro controllers for some multiplayer action, and finally, the HDMI allows you to connect your console to the TV.
  • Avoid using AC power supply while playing: Using the AC power supply while playing increases your risk of exposure to EMF and dirty electricity. This can put your health in serious jeopardy and should be actively avoided if you play on your console regularly for extended periods of time. When playing, it is a good idea to run it off the internal battery of the console. That way, there is no risk of EMF exposure since it is a phenomenon brought about by AC currents and batteries operate in DC current. If you are worried about running out of batteries in the middle of gameplay, you can also connect a power bank. Power banks too work similarly to batteries and are powered by DC current, meaning there is no risk of EMF exposure with them.

Other protections to consider

Apart from these, you can also consider investing in good quality anti-radiation products that guarantee protection from these dangerous rays. The most popular choice of protective gear with console gamers is the anti-radiation gloves.

You might overlook the need to protect your hands from EMF radiation from the controllers but what you’d be missing is that radiation exposure is cumulative and it travels through your body.

Therefore, radiation that has affected your hand will also travel down your torso through your legs to the ground because that’s the rule of physics. The best way to protect yourself against this is to wear special EMF protection gloves.

These can be found online on sites like Amazon and do not cost much for the invaluable service they provide. These gloves can also be used when you’re using your laptop and microwave so you are always protected from deadly radiation.

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Related questions

  1. Is a gaming console safe for my 5 year old?

Yes, it is relatively safe for 5-year-old given game time is restricted. Anything can be bad for us if we indulge too much in it and gaming consoles are no different.

Thus, make sure that your little one does not spend more than one hour at a time, and no more than 2.5 hours each day on the console. You should also make sure that the console is in airplane mode while he’s playing and that the Joy-Cons are plugged in.

You should also look into investing in anti-radiation products like anti-radiation gloves that will give your child an added layer of protection while he enjoys his game.