Effects Of 5G Radiation On Wildlife – What They Don’t Tell You

Effects Of 5G Radiation On Wildlife

5G radiation and its effects on our health and wellbeing have been a topic of great contention over the last few years.

Scientists from all walks of life have come together to sound the alarm bells about the dangers of exposing ourselves to radiation and the ramifications of the long term that it can have on our health.

We’ve covered 5G and its related topics extensively on this website. However, what hasn’t been discussed very much is its effects on wildlife and our larger ecosystem. In this article, we take a look at how 5G affects wildlife and whether we should be worried about it too.

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5G radiation on wildlife

When we talk about wildlife, we must understand that it includes a wide variety of species that live in the wild.

A majority of us, when we hear the words wildlife often only hark back to wild animals. But wildlife also means insects, fishes, and other living creatures.

The list is so broad that to analyze each of these species for radiation effects would take us decades, if not centuries.

But generally speaking, the consensus among scientists is that although it is expected that radiation will harm wildlife in the long run, we just do not have enough data to accurately predict what the harm might be or how long it will take for them to manifest these conditions.

That said, one thing we can be certain will face the wrath of radiation almost immediately are insects.

International Scientists Appeal to U.N. to Protect Humans and Wildlife

Insects have been known to communicate through frequency signals through the air and high powered radiation like those generated from 5G devices are sure to disrupt their communication channels.

This will mean that the flight coordination and way of life of the insects will fundamentally change and Darwin’s theory of evolution will kick in, meaning only a few species would survive to adapt to this new normal.

This is catastrophic since it essentially means several insect species will simply go extinct as a direct result of radiation exposure.

Now, we’ve all learned in school how our ecology is dependent on each of its members and how even a slight disruption in the flow of systems can wreak major havoc in our lives. An incident as big as the extinction of multiple insect species is therefore a very worrying concern.

Although we are in consensus now that wild animals won’t be affected by radiation that is loosely based on hypothesis more than anything. We just do not have the data to extrapolate the kind of chaos radiation can create in the animal kingdom.

If you cast your memory back to the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, most people were speculating that radiation from computers and other semiconductor devices are perfectly safe.

Even in 2006 when Bluetooth started gaining worldwide notoriety, its proponents were vocally announcing that the RF radiation generated by these Bluetooth devices is not harmful at all.

We all know how that turned out. Therefore, it remains to be seen just how long they continue denying the effects of 5G radiation on animals before they have to finally come clean. 

The effect of 5G radiation on mammals

We do not have adequate data to reliably say whether 5G radiation would be detrimental to the health and wellbeing of mammals living in the wild but there are strong indications that they might suffer to the same degree as us if exposed to that radiation.

These radiations are quite powerful and while wild animals typically have more bone density and thicker skin than us, their skulls and brain aren’t as well developed.

This means, even moderate amounts of radiation can mess with their brain function thus inducing a multitude of chronic conditions from which they are going to suffer from spanning generations.

This is very concerning because such a predicament would jeopardize its natural flow of life, thus also creating an imbalance within its immediate environment.

One or two affected animals aren’t really a problem but if it goes beyond that and they start getting affected by the hundreds, it will quickly devolve into a global emergency that the world won’t have a proper answer to.

Thus before rolling out 5G everywhere, it is imperative that we do the necessary tests and figure out the price we’re likely to pay in the long run should we go forward with adopting this technology as our new normal.

The effect of 5G radiation on insects

As highlighted above, insects will be the first to really feel the effects of 5G radiation. Their channels of communication will get disrupted by these high energy radio pulses which will further create problems for them.

The 5G radiation is also expected to interfere with their flight, thus making them stagnant. This will have an effect on their ecosystem including mating which will further disrupt the balance.

We must try and address these issues first before we bring this technology out to the public. We know for a fact that it can be really detrimental to the health of human beings and there is a good chance that it might be a cause for a major extinction event among insects.

This warrants our attention and demands a proper inquiry into the bodily damage that it can cause.

Effect of 5G on birds

Birds too will be pretty significantly hit by 5G. These are strong radiations floating through the air and a bird in flight will have its full body exposed to that deadly wave.

Over time, the bird will develop complicated conditions that can even lead to an inability to fly. This is pretty sad if a bird cannot fly due to 5G radiation. It can also play a part in disrupting the bird’s flight and the way it moves through the air.

Furthermore, there is a good chance that these powerful rays will have a deeply negative impact on the small brains of the birds.

Effect of 5G on fish

Fishes, unlike the rest of the land-bound wildlife, are more insulated from the negative effects of radiation but that is not to say that it is completely safe for them either.

These radiations can penetrate through things like water quite easily and can travel a moderate distance before dying down. Thus, the fishes swimming just under the surface of the water body in consideration are very much in danger of radiation exposure.

Radiation can also mess with their internal guiding systems. For example, whales are very well known for using SONAR waves to detect nearby obstacles as well as prey.

Now, in an environment where the water is inundated with these powerful 5G rays, the whale’s internal guiding system goes haywire because it is receiving too much information. Whales have been documented to crash with ocean debris when the water is in direct contact with radiation.

Effects Of 5G Radiation the way forward

5G is a revolutionary technology and it will perhaps end up bettering our lives a hundred times over. Its high bandwidth and incredible speed will unlock the innovations of tomorrow.

That said, it also has some really disturbing side effects and has been shown to cause serious health damage. Thus, we need to decide for ourselves at what cost do we afford ourselves those luxuries?

There has been some serious speculation about the effects 5G can have on our wildlife. However, no concrete study has been done that can assess what’s really going on.

The question then becomes, why were the studies not conducted? It is vastly important as a research subject and it answers a very crucial question. Whatever the reason may be, we must be proactive and ask questions. We must also demand extensive research on the subject.

The scientific community has long warned us about the dangers of radiation. Some of us took it seriously, some of us didn’t. And here we are today, with clear short term and long term effects that radiation can have on our bodies.

Now with the introduction of 5G, the rays are even more powerful and can do a whole lot more damage. But it is not only limited to us. It can also be very damaging to our wildlife. A disruption in their ecology would soon mean a disruption in ours.

Einstein once famously said that about eight years from when the bees go extinct, there will be no more humans. This is perhaps more true than ever now, in this context. Thus we must do everything to protect our environment. I am doing my part, and I’m counting on you to do yours.

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