Can Rose Quartz Be Used As An EMF Protector?

With the rising popularity of crystals and their benefits associated, some people are curious about their effects on EMF radiation. One of them is the Rose Quartz crystal. 

Rose Quartz is a must-have as a defensive force because it is soft and elegant on the outside but solid and profoundly cleansing on the inside. Although clearing a space of EMF energy will suck out both the good and the poor effects, Rose Quartz will assist in re-filling the space with positive life.

While there is still limited scientific evidence on the effects of Rose Quartz crystals on human health, the stone is a popular option among people due to its particular molecular structure.

Continue reading to learn about the amazing features of Rose Quartz and its true effects of EMF radiation.

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Properties Of Rose Quartz

The stone of universal love is Rose Quartz, according to crystal experts. It is claimed to encourage unconditional love by restoring faith and harmony in relationships. 

Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart on all levels, promoting esteem, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing, and harmony.  By providing soothing and reassuring energy, some people believe that Rose Quartz can greatly aid in the grieving process.  

The stone is also said to dispel negativity and defends against toxins, replacing negative energy with loving vibrations. It promotes self-forgiveness and acceptance, as well as self-confidence and self-worth.

According to crystal experts, Rose Quartz balances and improves the physical heart and circulatory system, as well as removing impurities from the body’s fluids. 

It is supposed to accelerate regeneration, lowers blood pressure, helps with chest and lung issues, heals the kidneys and adrenals, and relieve vertigo.  However, it should be noted that there is little to no research that backs up the therapeutic claims of Rose Quartz. 

How does it protect against EMF radiation?

While there is no definitive scientific evidence that crystals are successful against EMF pollution at this time, anecdotal evidence indicates that certain crystals may be effective in providing EMF smog safety.

Crystals can build subtle energy grids that can help protect the body from EMF emissions, according to some crystal professionals.

The theory behind how crystals can defend against EMF contamination states that some crystals, such as shungite, shieldite, and rose quartz, can absorb and retain contaminants due to their unique molecular structure.

According to this theory, these crystals can absorb both energetic and substance-based pollutants, and it is their ability to absorb and hold these pollutants that shields us from EMFs.

Another reason for using crystals to defend against EMF radiation is that crystals can compensate for the negative effects of EMF emissions on the body. The crystals do so by harmonizing and rebalancing the energy field of the body. 

Wearing crystals or carrying them on your person, according to this theory, can significantly improve your body’s ability to cope with and react to EMF pollution.

Should I use it?

Depending on beliefs and preferences, you can use rose quartz to protect yourself agains EMF radiation. However, you should note that since there is no scientific evidence you may be at risk of EMF radiation.

Yet, rose quartz is said to be beneficial for heart problems. When placed on the heart or chest, rose quartz guides oxygen to the heart.  The stone also contains antithrombotic and anti-heart attack properties. 

The chest, ovaries, uterus, and testicles can all be protected by the stone.  Rose quartz, when placed under a pillow, protects against depression and sleep disorders. 

Some experts also state that the crystal can boost fertility.  Large rose quartz specimens have better absorption properties of EMF radiation from the earth and water. 

To protect yourself agains EMF waves emitted from phones and computers, it is recommended that you use fist-sized stones for maximum shielding.

What does research say?

An anisotropic crystal can completely absorb electromagnetic radiation, according to a group of authors from MIPT, Kansas State University, and the US Naval Research Laboratory. 

The findings are crucial for electrodynamics, as they will provide researchers with an entirely new way of consuming electromagnetic wave energy.

Researchers from Russia and the United States demonstrated that destructive interference is not needed for perfect absorption. 

The scientists used hexagonal boron nitride, an anisotropic crystal, as their basic absorption device. This medium is a van der Waals crystal, which is made up of atomic layers that are held together by van der Waals forces from neighbouring layers. 

Van der Waals forces exist between electrically neutral atoms and molecules that have a dipole moment, meaning their charges are not evenly distributed. 

Hexagonal boron nitride has already found a range of uses in optics and nanoelectronics due to the peculiar properties of its crystal lattice. 

While the study analyzed the effects of hexagonal boron nitride on EMF radiation, scientists are still uncertain on the properties of rose quartz.

Yet, this study presents a new perspective on the properties of crystals and EMF waves. 

How To Protect Myself Against EMF Radiation?

While you can use rose quartz to protect you against EMF waves, there are other concrete ways to block EMF radiation.. 

EMF waves are emitted to varying degrees by our computers, microwaves, mobile phones, power lines, cell phone towers, fitness trackers, smart meters, televisions, routers, X-ray machines, and radios.

Below are some ways you can use to minimize your EMF radiation:

  1. Switch off wireless functions

A Wi-Fi signal is emitted by all wireless devices, including routers, printers, tablets, and laptops. Disable the Wi-Fi feature on your devices whenever possible. 

When using a network, connect to the internet with an Ethernet cable rather than Wi-Fi and set the computer to airplane mode. Switch on Wi-Fi only when absolutely necessary to reduce your EMF exposure.

  1. Use EMF Blockers 

There are numerous companies like DefenderShield that offer EMF shielding devices that protect you from up to 99.9% of EMF waves.

These EMF blockers combine robust technology techniques and EMF blocking materials like metals to manufacture EMF phone cases.  Along with phone cases, you can also access laptop cases and tablet cases for both adults and children. 

DefenderShield has also designed EMF clothing and apparels with integrated metal fibres to shield you from EMF waves. 

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  1. Keep a distance from EMF sources

Your exposure levels are reduced dramatically when there is more space between you and the source. If you have a Wi-Fi router at home, put it somewhere that is not too close to where people spend the most time. 

Also, avoid carrying a mobile phone in your pocket because these devices emit radiation even though they are not in use. When using a microwave, avoid standing in front of the machine when you are using it.